This webpage is for experimental purposes. All appraisal values are fictional. Evaluations will be added at a later date.


interactive charity evaluator

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Total evaluation points:


Explanation of the table
ROW 1: The metrics of evaluation. More collumns become visible when the 'add appraisal metric' button is used. The width of the collumns give a visual representation of the relative importance ascribed to the metrics and are shown here in % points. These values are user input variables (by draging the anchors) and together always total 100%.
ROW 2: Shows the calculated evaluation points per metric. The total evaluation points are given below the table and are transposed into the common 5 star appraisal representation.
ROW 3: Shows the charity evaluation points given as a percentage value of the corresponding metric. These can be changed.

Instructions for use:
1. Satisfied with the ARK AID parameters? Then do nothing.
2. Imagine that more metrics of evaluation should be employed? Press button "add appraisal metric" to add columns. Then add the points values in the appropriat cells.
3. Imagine that too little or too much relative value is ascribed to one or more metrics? Then grab the respective anchor(s) and drag them for an alternative percentage value of the segments involved.
4. Not satisfied with the points evaluation ascribed by ARK AID for a certain metric? Then change the points % values in the cells in row 3 to what you think it should be.
5. Want to compare more charities using your adaptation of the metrics? Then go to "Charity Search", choose more charities, fill in the points % values, and compare the calculated total evaluation points.
6. To start over, press the "Start Over" button.
In each case, voila, the stars representation is accommodated.